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Android 1.5 Meter Cable Note Series lets you charge your Micro USB device as well as sync your photos, music and data to your smartphone or laptop at blazing charge and transfer speeds.

The Fast Charging U9 Micro USB cables are specially designed to fulfil the fast charging needs of today world. Moreover the data transfer speeds offered by these high quality cables is much higher than an ordinary cables.

Please Note that Android 1.5 Meter Cable Note Series is only promised if you use a high quality compatible Adapter or an android cable, In case of a sub-standard charger the device may not display fast charging text.

All the products offered at H.A Technologies are of high quality and 100% reliable, however in case of a non functional or damaged product, please consult to the TM Electro Customer Support for assistance.

Types of cables

  • Type-A: The standard flat, rectangular interface that you find on one end of nearly every USB cable. Most computers have multiple USB-A ports for connecting peripherals. You’ll find them on game consoles, TVs, and other devices too. This cable only inserts in one way.
  • Type-B: An almost square connector, mostly used for printers and other powered devices that connect to a computer. They’re not very common these days, as most devices have moved onto a smaller connection.
  • Mini-USB: A smaller connector type that was standard for mobile devices before micro-USB. While not as common today, you’ll still see these on some cameras, the PlayStation 3 controller, MP3 players, and similar.
  • Micro-USB: The current standard (though slowly declining in popularity) for mobile and portable devices, which is even smaller than mini-USB. While you’ll still find micro-USB on all sorts of smartphones, tablets, USB battery packs, and game controllers, some have moved onto USB-C.

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