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Full Glue Tempered Glass is the ideal protective film for those who require safety and practicality for their Galaxy S9+.
This protector is made of tempered glass, making it resistant to impact and scratches. Full Glue technology allows a perfect fit between the glass and screen, with full touch sensitivity.


In Full Glue Tempered Glass Attaching the film is very simple thanks to the applicator included in the package. Just place it on your phone and apply slight pressure to secure it.
It rests on the screen glass meaning it will adhere perfectly to the display. The wet and dry wipes will allow you to clean and dry the screen before application.
The protective film leaves space for the camera, microphone and sensors. The curved edges and rounded corners of the glass protector are designed to ensure total adherence to your smartphone.


Use your Galaxy S9+ like you’ve never done before: theFull Glue Tempered Glass guarantees great resistance and is simple and fast to use. Feel the practicality of this unique glass protector.


  • Material: tempered glass
  • Full Glue technology
  • Curved edges to protect the whole display
  • Resistant to impact and scratches

LIQUID DISPERSION TECHNOLOGY: Our patented liquid glass evenly disperses over your entire screen, including existing scratches and scuffs, and hardens to create an impenetrable edge to edge barrier while repairing former cracks and imperfections.

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