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Premium Quality Type-C Cable, the age of USB-C cables is upon us, and this brave new dawn of reversible connectors means we can wave goodbye to the frustration of plug-in failures because our cables were always the wrong way up. With Premium Quality Type-C Cable, you can also benefit from the boosts in charging and data transfer speeds

Landing on a single standard to rule them all is an elusive aim in the realm of personal technology. At best, you end up in a format war, and one faction emerges victorious for a few years until an entirely new technology takes it out. VHS ate Betamax, then was ousted by DVD, which faded in the face of Blu-ray, a standard that itself knocked off its chief rival, HD DVD, and is now facing its own mortality at the hands of online streaming services.

But USB-C is different. And perhaps it’s even becoming as truly universal as its acronym (Universal Serial Bus) suggests.

USB Type-C ports are now found on all manner of devices from simple external hard drives to smartphone charging cables. While every USB-C port looks the same, not every one offers the same capabilities. USB-C may be appearing everywhere, but it doesn’t serve the same functions everywhere.

Here’s a guide to everything USB-C can do, and which of its features you should look for when buying your next USB-C device.

USB-C is an industry-standard connector for transmitting both data and power on a single cable. The USB-C connector was developed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the group of companies that has developed, certified, and shepherded the USB standard over the years. The USB-IF counts more than 700 companies in its membership, among them Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, and Samsung.

This broad acceptance by the big dogs is important, because it’s part of why USB-C has been so readily accepted by PC manufacturers. Contrast this with the earlier Apple-promoted (and developed) Lightning and MagSafe connectors, which had limited acceptance beyond Apple products, and which, because of USB-C, are soon to be obsolete.


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