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Usb fast charger and cable, if you slice open a USB cable, you will see four wires inside. Two of them are for sending and receiving data, while the other two are dedicated to energy, with one designated as the ground cable and the other made for the actual voltage. As described by tmelectro.ca, the standard energy wire in a Usb fast charger and cable is labeled as “28 gauge” and can handle 0.5A of power. However, there are USB cables with larger “24 gauge” wires. They can handle more energy of 2A or more. As we have seen, that means more watts can be pushed through the cable to a smartphone’s battery, and thus allowing it to charge faster.

One other factor in picking the fastest charging cables is their length. Simply put, if you get a really long cable, you will cut down on the amount of energy that is transferred to your phone. Indeed, it’s even possible to get a cable that’s so long, it won’t even charge your phone at all.

Our MPO fibre optic assemblies are available in high quality 12 fibre LSZH jacketed cables for Multi-Mode OM3 50/125, OM4 50/125 and OS1 9/125 Single-Mode use.

All of our pre-terminated MPO cables surpass the requirements for both data communication and CATV applications, and we can also offer custom made configurations, please contact our customer service team for more information and pricing.

All MPO to MPO cables supplied are female and QSFP specification (Keyway up to Keyway up / Method B) as standard. If any other configuration is required please contact us for more information and prices.  Please check wiring specification matches requirement before purchasing.

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